Standing Up Pouches

The Stand-Up Pouch stands out as a top choice in the market. Its advanced material structure provides exceptional barrier properties, ensuring products stay fresh and shelf life extends. These versatile bags are perfect for storing liquids, dry nuts, beverages, confectionery, cosmetics, pet supplies, gardening essentials

Most of the customers will be concerned about the issue of his custom packaging.

Pouches serve as versatile packaging solutions for a wide range of food and beverage products. Crafted from flexible materials like plastic or aluminum foil, they often feature convenient resealable spouts or caps for easy access. From baby food to juices, yogurts, and sauces, pouches offer practicality and freshness preservation.

Traditional stand-up pouches, constructed with multi-layered flexible film, represent a modern, eye-catching alternative to rigid packaging materials like plastic, glass, or paperboard. While commonly utilized for food items such as granola, pet food, and coffee, their utility extends to non-food products like apparel and personal care items.

It’s worth noting that the term “pouches” can hold varied meanings across different industries or contexts. Dive deeper into sustainable pouch packaging through our comprehensive pouch guide.

  • For gravure printing, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) depends on the desired bag size, typically starting at 10,000 pieces.

    For digital and screen printing, there are no set limitations on the MOQ.

    If you’re interested in stock bags without printing, you can download our available sizes for retail by clicking here.

  • For gravure printing, the production timeline typically spans 20-25 days. If the design is new, an additional 7 days are needed to create the cylinder plates.

    Digital and screen printing usually require 10-15 days.

    Please keep in mind that these lead times are approximate and subject to change based on the ongoing artwork process and approval.

The AI, PDF, or CDR formats feature high-definition graphics with a resolution exceeding 300 pixels.

  • Certainly! Our paper pouches comply with the EU’s TAPPI T275 recyclability test method.

Samcci Unlike standard Kraft pouches prevalent in the market, which incorporate plastic layers for barrier properties and heat sealability, our innovative paper pouch features a heat-sealable water-based coating. This unique coating effectively safeguards against grease, water, and moisture.

Here’s why our paper pouch solutions stand out:

Crafted from sustainably sourced virgin paper
Completely devoid of plastic, ensuring 100% plastic-free packaging
Curbside recyclable according to TAPPI T275 standards, naturally biodegradable, and compostable*
FDA-Approved for peace of mind
*While our pouches are naturally biodegradable and compostable, we advise against composting unless the product is likely to contain significant food residues at disposal.



General Application For Stand Up Pouch

Coffee Bean

Pet Care

Dry Nuts




Wheat Grain


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