SAMCCI offers a variety of eco-friendly straws, including paper pulp straws, sugarcane pulp straws, wheat straws, and more! We also provide various printed pattern options. Feel free to inquire!

We are assisting importers and food chain stores in transforming creativity into products.

Eco-Friendly Straws Wholesale Manufacturer

We cater to coffee/beverage chains and wholesale/retailers, offering compostable straws in Regular sizes.Various types of disposable environmentally friendly straws. Of course you can also customize your size

Curved Paper Straws


Retractable Paper Straws


Party Colored Paper Straws


Bagasse Straw


Disposable Paper Straws


Paper Straws With Box


Environmentally friendly STRAWS FEATURES

Environmentally friendly materials

Home & Industrial Compostable

Carbon Footprint Verified

For Cold & Hot Drinks

Free From Plastic, PFAS and PLA


Samcci, a prominent China company, stands as a pioneer in the field of sugarcane straw development and manufacturing. Leveraging decades of experience in sustainable production methods, we are dedicated to minimizing environmental footprint while promoting eco-conscious alternatives. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our creation of compostable straws, leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

HOW TO ORDER Environmentally friendly straws

No matter if your business is committed to ESG principles, operates a restaurant chain, or functions as a wholesaler, we offer eco-friendly straws with a minimum order quantity starting at 10,000 units. Our lead time spans from 15 to 30 working days, ensuring timely delivery, and we prioritize eco-conscious packaging to further bolster sustainable efforts.

Get maximum result with less work

Most of the customers will be concerned about the issue of his custom ice cream cups.

We need to pay attention to the following issues when purchasing and using paper cups:

1. When purchasing disposable paper cups, look for the QS logo. In addition, you should carefully check whether the product name, factory name, factory address, product execution standards, production date, etc. are marked on the packaging. If the labeling is incomplete or irregular, it is best not to buy such paper cups.

2. Different uses: distinguish between cold drink cups and hot drink cups.

3. Look at the appearance: You should choose products with lighter printing colors. If the paper cup has an obvious smell of ink, it is best not to use it because the ink contains substances harmful to the body.

4. Distinguish the color: Some cups use food-grade base paper on the surface, but use recycled paper, cardboard paper, etc. as the middle layer. It is recommended to tear it open to see if the broken surface is yellow or contains more impurities. If the paper product is too white or contains impurities, it is recommended not to use it.

5. Smell: If the paper cup smells pungent, it may be because the recycled polyethylene undergoes cracking changes during reprocessing. Many compounds volatilize when exposed to high temperatures and easily migrate to water, which will cause harm to human health. to affect, do not use.


  • 凹版印刷的最小起订量是根据您想要的袋子的尺寸而定,通常需要30,000个。
  • 数字和丝网印刷的最小起订量没有限制。 


  • 凹印20-25天,如果设计是新的,则需要另外7天才能生产滚筒板。
  • 数字印刷和丝网印刷需要 10-15 天。



AI、PDF 或 CDR 格式包括超过 300 像素的高清图形。

  • 对于来自中国的小批量采购,您可以选择便捷的快递。
  • 如果您在中国有大量生产并且有足够的时间等待,我们建议您选择海运以节省货物。
  • 如果您是第一次在中国购物或者是一个忙碌的人,我们提供轮船或飞机上门服务。请记住,该服务还包括运费和进口关税。

1. Your enquiry will be responsed within 24 hours at any time

2. We have 5000 successful cases of Disposable ice cream cups design reference

3. We ensure that your private information is absolutely safe  

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